Right here"s a fast walkthrough and also method overview for the "Wild West" phases in the activity and also gallery protection video game - Zombies vs. plants 2: It"s Regarding Time!. Adhere to as well as promptly release the recommended plant development listed below to aid you resist the zombie crowds (not the only means though, simply treat this as an overview). Wild West phases will certainly present Cowboy zombies, "Tracks", and also movable "Mine Carts". Relocate the Mine Carts downwards or upwards to assault or safeguard several rows!

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Extra Tips to keep in mind! - PlayPirate Seas Quick Walkthrough as well as Approach Overview initially prior to this overview! - Firecracker: Finest positioned on the second, Fourth or Third row for bigger variety. - Iceberg Lettuce: Disables Miner zombie, yet inefficient when greater than one. - Spilt Pea: Great vs. Miner zombies. - Chili Bean: Great vs. hard zombies, stuns and also harms them. - Lightning Reed: Can strike targets one lane over or listed below that chains to numerous targets. Great vs. Poultry Wrangler zombies! - Tall-Nut: Tougher than Wall-Nuts yet with greater Sunlight demand. - Pea Covering: Keep in mind that you can accumulate to 5 Pea Shells on 1 Pea Husk. - Melon-Pult: Sunlight demand is high yet strikes a 3x3 square location per strike. -Cantaloupe: You won"t require them a lot this time around. - Plant Food: When made use of on some plants put on mine carts, you can relocate the mine cart to assault numerous rows! - If you are having trouble, you might make use of Power Ups or get PFs if you like.How to Plant Overview: -|Sunflower|Gun|Gun|Wall surface|- This implies: Plant Sunflowers in the first column from the left, Guns in the Third and also Second columns, then Wall-Nuts in the fourth column.
Please Keep in mind : Colored Plant kingdoms below are positioned on Mine Carts on that particular exact same column.

Wild West - Day 1

-|Gun, Gun|Gun|Gun, Gun| - Plant Food: None, the objective below is to exercise dragging the mine carts to beat challenging zombies.

Wild West - Day 2

-|Sunlight|Split, Split|Dragon, Dragon|Wall surface| - Plant Food: Split Pea or Snapdragon vs. difficult as well as Miner zombies. - Firecracker: Vs. hard as well as Miner zombies.

Wild West - Day 3

-|Sunlight, Repeater|Sunlight, Repeater|Dragon|Wall surface| - Plant Food: Dragon or Repeater vs. challenging and also Miner zombies. - Firecracker: Vs. Pianist zombies.

Wild West - Day 4 (Mini Video Game)

- Make use of the "Sight" choice listed below the "Time out" symbol to check out the zombies. Make note which lanes zombies will certainly originate from, and also what kind exist. - Gun: Position it on those brief tracks, then change with Repeaters later on. -Split Pea: Position it on those 2 lengthy tracks, excellent vs. Miner zombies. - Threepeater: Put it on the Third and also First column (ashore, out mine carts!). - At the last wave, beat the Buckethead zombie to obtain a PF, then utilize it on your Repeater or Split Pea to beat the Pianist zombie.

Wild West - Day 5

-|Bonk Choy|Twin Sunlight|Dragon|Dragon|Wall surface|Spikeweed| - Plant Food: Wall-Nuts or Any kind of - Constantly keep in mind, utilize 1 Double Sunflower then area 2 Snapdragons at the Fourth and also Second row. Do this beginning technique each time you have Twin Sunflower as well as Snapdragon. - Firecracker and also Chili Bean: Vs. hard zombies.

Wild West - Day 6


- Plant Food: Coconut Cannon vs. Pianist as well as Coat zombies. - Coconut Cannon: Concentrate on striking Pianist as well as Coat zombies. Since you can 1 hit eliminate them), beat those Coat zombies prior to they disclose their safety steel grates (less complicated.

Wild West - Day 7

-|Twin Sunlight|Pea Shell|Dragon|Wall surface|Spikeweed| - Plant Food: Pea Skin, note that you can relocate to strike several targets. When attacked, utilize it on Snapdragon as well. - Firecracker or Chili Bean: Vs. challenging zombies.

Wild West - Day 8 (Mini Video Game - Gargantuar as well as Globe Secret!)


-|Split Pea|Pea Shuck|Pea Hull|Pea Shell|Wall surface|Pea Capsule or Split Pea| - Plant Food: Conserve your PFs for your Pea Husks, vs. Gargantuars. Complete or otherwise, the result of PF on Pea Pods coincides. - Pea Coverings: Pile 5 Pea Pods each then relocate them to assault challenging zombies. - Chili Bean: Vs. Pianist, Coat, or Buckethead zombies. - Area your additional Pea Shell or Split Pea on the sixth column simply for interruption.

Wild West - Day 9 (Endure with Provided Plants!)

-|Cantaloupe|Sunlight|Split Pea|Lightning, Lightning|Wall surface|None|None| - Plant Food: Cantaloupe or Lightning Reed - Lightning Reed: Utilize the Tracks to evade or relocate while assaulting zombies.

Wild West - Day 10

-|Lightning, Lightning|Sunlight|Dragon|Dragon|Wall surface| - Plant Food: Any Type Of - Firecracker or Chili Bean: Vs. Buckethead or Pianist zombies.

Wild West - Day 11 (Invest No Greater Than 500 Sunlight!)


- Plant Food: Conserve 2 PFs for Snapdragon for the last wave. - Potato Mine: You have to make use of 2 mines to beat the first 2 Conehead zombies! - Iceberg Lettuce: The slow-moving time is brief yet it"s complimentary!

Wild West - Day 12 (Mini Video Game)

- Make use of the "Sight" choice listed below the "Time out" symbol to see the zombies. - Readjust the development then release the brand-new plant, repeat. - Boomerang: Plant them on mine carts just! - Lightning Reed: Position them ashore just (1st 3 columns), out mine carts! - Emphasis at the very least 3 aggressors on Buckethead zombies then relocate to the lower ones.

Wild West - Day 13

-|Melon|Melon|Twin Sunlight|Split Pea|Dragon|Wall surface| - Plant Food: Any Type Of - Tip: Simply constantly begin with 1 Double Sunflower then 2 Snapdragons. - Melon-Pults: Relocate to strike difficult zombies.

Wild West - Day 14

-|Twin Sunlight|Melon|Dragon, Dragon|Dragon, Dragon|Wall surface| - Plant Food: Melon-Pult or Any Kind Of - Firecracker: Pianist or any type of hard zombies.

Wild West - Day 15 (Don"t Shed Greater than 2 Plants!)

-|Twin Sunlight, Melon|None, Melon|Dragon (2 just!)|Wall surface| - Plant Food: Snapdragon or Melon-Pult vs. hard zombies. - Do not utilize Instantaneous plants, or limitation to 1 or 2 just. - Melon-Pult: Transfer to assault challenging zombies, particularly Pianist zombies.

Wild West - Day 16 (Shield the Plant Kingdoms!)

-|None|Twin Sunlight|Split Pea|Dragon|Wall surface|None|Wall surface| - Plant Food: Wall-Nut put on Mine Cart, then Any type of. - After establishing your 2 Snapdragons, promptly develop your Wall-Nuts vs. Conehead zombies and also to shield your Snapdragons. - Firecracker as well as Chili Bean: Vs. Coat zombies. - Relocate the Wall-Nut positioned on Mine Cart to evade zombies, allow them all pass. - If you have full Wall surfaces, simply plant an additional Wall-Nut in addition to your harmed Wall-Nut to restore them!

Wild West - Day 17 (Secure the Flowers!)

-|Twin Sunlight|Melon|None|None|Dragon|Wall surface|Spikeweed| - Plant Food: Melon-Pult or Snapdragon vs. difficult zombies. - After establishing your 2 Snapdragons, rapidly develop your Wall-Nuts. - Spikeweed: Relocate front of Zombie Bulls to avoid the biker to fly via your Snapdragons, a wonderful long-term opponent as well! - Firecracker and also Chili Bean: Vs. hard zombies at the last wave.

Wild West - Day 18 (Strategy Your Protection!)

- Simply adhere to the development listed below then simply view till completion.

- Plant Food: Simply the 2 Wall-Nuts positioned on the fifth column. - You must have 50 Sunlight and also 1 PF left.

Wild West - Day 19 (Don"t Shed Greater than 2 Plants!, Invest 2,000 Sunlight Just!)

-|None|Split Pea|None|Snapdragon|Tall-Nut| - Plant Food: Snapdragons vs. Coat zombies with safety steel grate. - After 2 Snapdragons, total Tall-Nuts then total Snapdragons. - Split Pea: Total last or area in situation a Miner zombie shows up early.

Wild West - Day 20 (Mini Video Game)

- To reduce this brief, just merely purchase Plant Foods (1,000 Coins each), then utilize them! Faucet on the environment-friendly "+" symbol to get, you have great deals of Coins now anyhow, right? - Plant Food: Wall-Nut, and/or any kind of Pea-type plant, relocate to assault numerous rows! - Wall-Nut: Position it o the fifth column, relocate before Hen Wrangler zombie to obstruct the poultries. - Potato Mine: Put it o the sixth column vs. Buckethead zombies. - Chili Bean: Position it o the sixth column vs. Conehead zombies.

Wild West - Day 21 (Invest No Greater Than 1,750 Sunlight, Safeguard the Flowers)

-|None|Potato Mine|Potato Mine|None|Dragon (2 just!)|Tall-Nut| - Plant Food: Any Type Of - After 2 Snapdragons, established Tall-Nuts to secure them. - Chili Bean or Potato Mine: Plant them at an early stage mine carts, vs. Prospectors. - Firecracker as well as Chili Bean: Vs. Prospectors at last wave, allow them fly initially. - Iceberg Lettuce: Can switch off Miner"s dynamite, however still optional though.

Wild West - Day 22 (Endure with Provided Plants!)

-|Melon|Sunlight, Repeater|Sunlight, Repeater|Blossom|Iceberg|None|Potato Mine| - Plant Food: Repeater vs. Coat zombies with safety steel grate or poultries! - Promptly develop your Sunflowers, Repeaters, and also Bloomerangs. - Iceberg Lettuce: To assist stop the hens! - Potato Mines: Vs. hard zombies.

Wild West - Day 23 (Safeguard the Flowers!, Don"t Shed Greater than 1 Plant!)

-|Twin Sunlight|None|None, None|None, None|Dragon|Tall-Nut| - Plant Food: Snapdragons vs. Pianist as well as Buckethead zombies. - Area 2 Snapdragons like common, then finish your Tall-Nuts. - The development over is ample for this phase.

Wild West - Day 24 (Safeguard the Plant Kingdoms!)

-|Twin Sunlight|Lightning|Dragon|Dragon|Tall-Nut|Wall surface|Wall surface|Wall surface| - Plant Food: All 3 Wall-Nuts - Area 2 Snapdragons in the fourth column like normal, then established your Tall-Nuts to shield your Snapdragons. - Note: When the first Hen Wrangler zombie shows up, begin positioning a minimum of 1 or 2 Lightning Reeds to zap the poultries. If required, Block them with your Wall surfaces as well as talls. - Relocate the 3 Wall-Nuts to evade zombies, simply allow them pass. - Firecracker and also Chili Bean: Utilize it just for the last wave. - Restore Wall Surfaces or Talls if essential.

Wild West - Day 25 (Mini Video Game - Dr. Zomboss)

- Lightning Reed or Any Type Of|Peapod|Any kind of|Peapod|Any kind of|Any kind of|Tall-Nut as well as Chili Bean|None|None| -Plant Food: Lightning Reed, particularly when Dr. Zomboss is alone for a good damages! - Peapod: Pile 5 Peapods on the second column-mine cart initially, then on the fourth column. Relocate to stay clear of adversary strikes, as well as to assault Dr. Zomboss or Gargantuars. Area or pile them anywhere if you have added Peapods. - Pointer: You have great deals of plants below to release, so area them quick to do enormous damages!Plants vs. Zombies 2: Far Future - Go below: Far Future Quick Walkthrough and also Technique Overview
Zombies vs. plants 2: It"s Concerning Time
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