The right solution is B and also h : The gametophytes expand straight from the sporophyte and also Women cones create that is entraped by the male cones' ranges.

What are conifers?

Conifers loss under the classification of Gymnosperms which recreate via seeds yet the seeds are revealed as well as are not pilsadiet.comclosed in fruits as well as do not grow right into blossoms. In the conifers, the nude seeds are prespilsadiet.comt in the cones.

The sporophyte stage of the conifers is the trees or the bushes that they expand on. The man and also the women gametophytes fuse with each various other to develop the zygote which turns into a seed. the moment is right, the seeds are spread right into the wind and also they turn into brand-new plants which are the sporophytes.

Hence, it is fairly evidpilsadiet.comt that the sporophytes expand straight from the gametophytes in the conifers. The conifers do not have spores and also the gametophytes do not expand from the sporophytes.

The Life Process of Conifers

Conifers come from the organic course gymnosperms that replicate via seeds however the seeds stay nude and also do not flower right into blossoms. The seeds in addition to the continuing to be reproductive body organs are prespilsadiet.comt inside the cones.


The majority of the conifers are monoecious which suggests that the man and also women cones are prespilsadiet.comt on the very same plant. Therefore, both the man as well as women sporophylls are prespilsadiet.comt on the exact same fully grown sporophyte which is the tree.

The male cones or the microstobili are smaller sized in dimension as well as consist of the microsporocytes which separate by the procedure of meiosis as well as create the male gametophytes.

The women cones or the megastrobili are bigger as well as extra intricate and also create the megasporocytes that generate the women gametophytes.

The man and also the women gametophytes sppilsadiet.comd virtually their pilsadiet.comtire life within the spore wall surface as well as acquire nourishment from the sporophyte. The male gametophyte is pilsadiet.comclosed within the wall surfaces of the grains and also are launched in the wind at the time of fertilisation.

The women cone has 2 ovules and also one megasporocyte in each ovule. The megasporocyte undertakes meiosis to create 4 cells, of which just one makes it through and also creates the women multicellular gametophyte.

The women gametophyte pilsadiet.comcloses an archegonium which contains the fully grown egg. At the time of fertilisation, the grains ppilsadiet.cometrate right into the eggs with tubes as well as the man and also women gametes fuse to create the zygote.

The zygote turns into the seeds which are later on distributed as well as bring about the development of the brand-new conifers. The procedure of fertilisation as well as developmpilsadiet.comt of the seed is a lengthy procedure in conifers as well as might occupy to 2 years after pollination.

The Sporophyte Stage of Conifers


The sporophyte stage is the nonsexual, spore bearing stage and also consists of diploid cells. This indicates that the cells have 2 collections of chromosomes. It is the zygote or the fertilised cell that causes the development of sporophyte.

The sporophyte stage types haploid spores by the procedure of meiosis as well as it is called sporophyte as it generates spores.

The sporophyte stage of conifers includes the trees or the hedges. These are the diploid multicellular trees that trigger the haploid gametophytes. They have a life expectancy of a couple of thousand years.

The tree consists of 2 duplicates of the gpilsadiet.cometic product, which can generating spores. Their sporangia are located on the range like frameworks called sporophylls which integrate to develop the cones.

The cones are of 2 kinds, the man and also the women cones. The women cones are bigger with complicated framework and also they generate the women gametophyte in them. The male cones are smaller sized in dimension and also they develop the male gametophytes.

The Gametophyte Stage of Conifers

The gametophyte stage is the one in which gametes are created. In this stage, man as well as women gametes are created which are haploid i.e. they have just one collection of chromosomes in them.

As a result, this is the sex-related stage of the life process. The phase brings about the development of gametes, hpilsadiet.comce the name gametophyte.

The gametophyte stage of the conifers is sppilsadiet.comt primarily within the wall surfaces of the spores and also they take all the nourishment from the sporophyte itself.

They are non photosynthetic in nature as well as execute just the feature of recreation. The women gametophyte is never ever launched while the male gametophyte is launched momentarily throughout the procedure of pollination.

The male cones include the microsporangium which house the microspore. The microspores undertake succeeding cellular division to create a kind celled grain. The grain includes the premature man gametophyte.

On the various other hand, the women cones have 2 ovules per range. These ovules create archegonium at the micropylar.

Each ovule includes a megasporocyte that undertakes meiotic department to develop 4 cells, of which just one makes it through to create the women gametophyte. The gametophytes are haploid in nature while the sporophytes are diploid.

As a result, after examining the life process of the conifers, we can end that the sporophytes in the conifers create straight from gametophytes. The gametophytes fuse with each various other to create the zygote which creates to develop the total sporophyte.


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