Which variable was one of the most essential in impacting Paleolithic people' lives? wellness environment floodings team dimension.

afreen786nClimate - they were seeker collectors as well as nomadic. If there was a bad expanding period there would certainly be much less food to feed on as well as the weather condition could influence the herds of pets that they followed.MARK ME AS BRAINLIST AS WELL AS ALSO ADHERE TO ME


Environment is the aspect which influenced the paleolithic human beings.


The Paleolithic human beings existed 3 million years earlier. These human"s lives were influenced by ecological as well as weather adjustments They made use of rock devices largely for searching. The environment rose and fall quickly in between cozy and also chillier temperature levels.

The ice sheets and also ice caps were based on Arctic and also Antarctic areas. The environment altered to cooler, drier and also warmer seasonal environment as it is today. The term Paleolithic describes Old Rock Age as well as is stemmed from Greek.

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