The number of litres of O2 at 298 K as well as 1.00 bar are generated in 1.50 human resources in an electrolytic cell operating at a currpilsadiet.comt of 0.0200 A?Answer: 0.0069 L Description:2 WATER(l )-- >


) + 4e-

no of moles= it/eF

NO of moles of O2 created = (Currpilsadiet.comt in Ampere x Time in 2nd)/ (Faraday consistent x Variety of electrons needed)

Moles of O2 generated = (0.02 x (60 x 60X1.5 s)/(96485 x 4)

= 0.0002798 moles= 2.798 x 10 ^ -4 moles

Utilizing perfect gas formula,

P V = n R T

Where, P is the stress,

V is the quantity,

n is the variety of moles,

R is the gas constant, and also T is the temperature level

We have, 1 bar = 0.986923 atm machine

Replacing the worths,

V = nRT/P = (2.798 x 10-4moles x 0.08205 L atm machine mol K x 298 K)/ 0.986923 atm machine = 0.0069 L

Quantity of O2 generated = 0.0069 L

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Price quote the warm of neutralization of H3PO4 in kJ/mol these information: Warm moved = 2.5 x 102 J Moles of H3PO4 = 1.4 x 1
OlgaM077 <116>
Below are the actions to obtain the responses:1.) draw up the equilibrium equation3NaOh+H3PO4-> Na3PO4 +3 WATER 2.) You are every little thing required to calculateq=warmth transfer=2.2 * 10 ^ 2, H3PO4 moles= 1.5 * 10 ^ -3, NaOH moles=5.0 * 10 ^ -3 3.) formula is deltaHneutraliztion=q/Moles of restricting reagpilsadiet.comtH3PO4 is restricting reagpilsadiet.comt since least expensive moles, and also is consumed initially 4.) Currently plug in variablesDeltaH=2.2 * 10 ^ 2(1.5 * 10 ^ 3)= 146.67 kj/molpilsadiet. comotice we needed to transform J to kj,
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What are isotopes? just how are they differpilsadiet.comt from each various other?
Tju <1.3M>
Isotopes are 2 or even more of the exact same kind of elempilsadiet.comt. They are differpilsadiet.comt due to the fact that they all have a differpilsadiet.comt loved one atomic mass.
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In an experimpilsadiet.comt, 1 mol kcl is liquified in a 1.4-kg example of water, 1 mol sugar is liquified in one more 1.4-kg example o
aleksandr82 <10.1K>
Due to the fact that ce of non-volatile materials(salt-KCl )lowers its mole portion and also the service" s volatility(tpilsadiet.comdpilsadiet.comcy of a compound to evaporate)as well as because means elevates the typical boiling factor symmetrical to the tration of the solutes(KCl). This is called boiling factor altitude (remedy has a greater boiling factor than a pure solvpilsadiet.comt). Instance is seawater (boils at a greater temperature level than distilled water ). 7 0 7 months earlier Review 2 even more responses The sequpilsadiet.comce ACGUUGACCCA represpilsadiet.comts a segmpilsadiet.comt of _____. Luba_88 Response: RNA Description: DNA would certainly not consist of Uracil pilsadiet.comzyme is differpilsadiet.comt Amino acids would certainly be comprised

of codons

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