No was Corgan's response to the general public's assumption of him as a Rock God as well as, concurrently, a means to reveal his problem of lethargy. He shares his hesitation to think ... Learn more
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My representation, filthy mirrorThere'& #x 27; s no link to'myselfI & #x 27; m your enthusiast, I'& #x 27; m your zeroI & #x 27; m the face in your imagine glassSo conserve your prayersFor when we'& #x 27; re truly gon na require '& #x 27; emThrow out your cares and also flyWanna go with a ride?She & #x 27; s the one for meShe'& #x 27; s all I truly require( oh yeah) She'& #x 27; s the one for me Vacuum is lonelinessAnd solitude is cleanlinessAnd sanitation is godlinessAnd God is vacant much like meIntoxicated with the madnessI'& #x 27; m crazy with my sadnessBullshit fakers, captivated kingdomsThe style sufferers eat their charcoal teethI never ever allow on that I got on a sinking shipI never ever allow on that I was down
You criticize yourselfFor what you can'& #x 27; t ignoreYou blame on your own for desiring extraShe'& #x 27; s the one for meShe & #x 27; s all I truly require, Oh YeahShe'& #x 27; s the one for meShe & #x 27; s my only
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Installed" No" by The Shattering Pumpkins on
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No was Corgan's response to the general public's assumption of him as a Rock God and also, concurrently, a means to share his problem of passiveness. He reveals his unwillingness to presume that duty as he thinks that such an extravagance can just result in vacuum.

" Absolutely no" ended up being greater than simply a tune to Billy Corgan; it became his alter-ego.

Absolutely no is unyielding. Nevertheless, it is absolutely nothing to start with. He eliminates his vanity out of the turbulent songs scene he discovered himself immersed in.The tune shares its name with Billy's legendary "NO" t-shirt. Billy used a Superman/Superslut long-sleeve tee for much of the Siamese Desire trip, basically buffooning himself: though the globe saw him as a rock idolizer and also an incredibly hero, he saw it as a stereotypical saying. His service was to state to the general public that he deserved nothing.It is to claim that'

I'm not your god ... I'm your Absolutely no.src ="" alt=" *" > Representations of this personality can be seen in follower art from throughout the globe +3

Mellon Collie and also the Infinite Despair (Plastic) (1995 )
The Wrecking Pumpkins
Absolutely no
Composed By
Billy Corgan
Recording Assisted By
Dave Kresl & Claudine Pontier
Recording By
Chris Shepard, Alan Moulder, Barry Goldberg, James Iha & Billy Corgan
Blending Aide
Barry Goldberg
Flooding, Alan Moulder & Billy Corgan
Understood by
Howie Weinberg
Billy Corgan
Jimmy Chamberlin
D'arcy Wretzky
Guitar players
James Iha & Billy Corgan
Launch Day
April 23, 1996
Tested In
Opening Up Titles (Extensive Mix Warp VS Absolutely No Remix) by Aunty Donna
Cover By
Absolutely no by Evanescence, No by Evergreen Balcony, No by Vanna, No by 32 Leaves, No by Avernal & No by Bunny Scrap
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