„ Thou shalt not make unto thee any kind of perfect, neither of an angel in paradise, neither of a hero in a rhyme or story, neither one that is thought up or thought of: instead shalt thou like a guy as he is."

-- Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel German scholar, doubter as well as poet 1772 - 1829

Du sollst dir kein Suitable machen, weder eines Engels im Himmel, noch eines Helden aus einem Gedicht oder Roman, noch eines selbstgeträumten oder fantasirten; sondern du sollst einen Mann lieben, wie emergency room ist.Philosophical Pieces, P. Firchow, trans. (1991 ), "Athenaeum Fragments," § 364


„ Make thine eyes broad and also offer God questioning thanksThat poise like ours is provided thee-- thou shalt bearPart of our appreciation for ever before."

-- Algernon Charles Swinburne English poet, movie critic, storyteller, as well as dramatist 1837 - 1909

Faliero, Act III, Sc. 1. Marino Faliero (1885 )Context: So be it the wind and also sunThat raised thy arm or legs and also lit thy capillaries with lifeHave blown as well as radiated upon thee except nought-- If these have actually fed as well as discharged thy spirit as mineWith love, with confidence that exiles concern, with delight, With rely on fact as well as satisfaction in depend on-- if thouBe theirs without a doubt as theirs am I, with meShalt thou participate and also with my sea-folk-- aye, Make thine eyes large and also provide God questioning thanksThat elegance like ours is provided thee-- thou shalt bearPart of our appreciation for ever before.

„ Our issue is not equipments imitating people-- it's human beings imitating devices."

-- John Twelve Hawks, publication Flicker

Flicker (2014 )Context: Expert system is a principle that covers responsibility. Our trouble is not makers imitating people-- it's human beings imitating equipments.


„ This fact-- to show, and also make thine very own:'Thou hast been, shalt be, art, alone."

-- Matthew Arnold English poet as well as social movie critic that functioned as an examiner of colleges 1822 - 1888

"Seclusion" (1857)


„ Neither make thy buddy equivalent to a bro; yet if thou shalt have made him so, be not the very first to do him incorrect."

-- Hesiod, publication Functions as well as Days

Resource: Functions as well as Days (c. 700 BC), line 707.


„ Oh, are afraid not in a globe such as this, As well as thou shalt recognize erelong,-- Know exactly how superb a point it isTo endure and also be solid."

-- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, The Light of Stars

The Light of Stars, reported in Bartlett'& #x 27; s Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. (1919 ).


Since in my mind it's constantly been really clear, „ I enjoy this concept of human-machine collaborations. It's not concerning equipments or human beings, it has to do with people as well as devices."

-- Michael Dell Business Owner, CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER 1965

SDxCentral: "Michael Dell Claims Robopocalypse Is Counterfeit Information, Future Is Software program Specified" https://www.sdxcentral.com/articles/news/michael-dell-says-robopocalypse-is-fake-news-future-is-software-defined/2018/04/ (30 April 2018)

„ Either math is as well huge for the human mind, or the human mind is greater than a device."

-- Kurt Gödel logician, mathematician, and also thinker of maths 1906 - 1978

As priced quote in Topoi: The Categorial Evaluation of Reasoning (1979) by Robert Goldblatt, p. 13

„ For those of you in the management, that are following me ... keep in mind, you'& #x 27; ve busted 3 , allow'& #x 27; s deficient 4; thou shalt not eliminate. "

-- Glenn Beck united state talk radio as well as tv host 1964

„ Area prior to thyself the perfect of excellence, not that of joy, for by doing what makes thee smarter and also far better, thou shalt locate the tranquility as well as happiness in which joy is composed."

-- John Lancaster Spalding Catholic diocesan 1840 - 1916

Resource: Representations and also sayings (1901 ), p. 114

„ O'& #x 27; emergency room all the hilltopsIs silent currently, In all the treetopsHearest thouHardly a breath; The birds are asleep in the trees: Wait; quickly like theseThou also shalt relax."

-- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, publication Wanderer'& #x 27; s Nightsong

Wandrers Nachtlied( Wanderer & #x 27; s Nightsong)

„ The Holy bible simply claimed 'Thou shalt not eliminate', then informed thousands of tales of individuals eliminating each various other and also ending up being heroes, like David with Goliath."

-- John Marsden, publication Tomorrow, When the Battle Began

Resource: Tomorrow, When the Battle Began

„ The Turing Examination attempted to make a difference in between devices as well as human beings. Yet nowadays Darkness programs like Edward and also Laura can be configured to state "I like you" or mimic various other feelings. It had to refute the reality if an equipment desired to act like a human. Existing, not love, is the basic sign of humankind."

-- John Twelve Hawks, publication Glow

Glow (2014)

„ I offer you my changed checklist of both rules: "Thou shalt constantly be devoted as well as sincere to the company of thy nookie", and also "thou shalt attempt actual difficult not to eliminate any person, unless obviously they hope to a various unnoticeable male than the one you hope to". 2 is all you require; Moses can have brought them down capital in his fuckin' & #x 27; pocket, as well as I wouldn'& #x 27; t mind those people in Alabama uploading them on the court house wall surface, as long as they gave one added rule: "Thou shalt maintain thy religious beliefs to thyself"."

-- George Carlin American funnyman 1937 - 2008

"The 10 Rules"Problems and also Grievances (2001)

„ I entrust to the oppressors of humankind a horrible testimony, which I declare with the self-reliance proper one whose profession is so virtually finished; it is the dreadful fact: "Thou shalt pass away!""

-- Maximilien Robespierre French advanced attorney and also political leader 1758 - 1794

Last Speech to the National Convention (26 July 1794)

„ Behold and also see! For by the exact same May, Knowledge, and also Benefits that I have actually done all this, by the very same May, Knowledge, and also Benefits I will make well all that is not well; and also thou shalt see it."

-- Julian of Norwich, publication Discoveries of Divine Love

Discoveries of Divine Love (c. 1393), Phase 1Context: Our Lord God willeth we have excellent respect to all the actions that He have actually done: in the wonderful nobleness of the production of all points; as well as the excellency of guy's production, which is over all his jobs; as well as the priceless Amends that He have actually produced guy's transgression, transforming all our blame right into countless prayer. In which Shewing likewise our Lord saith: Behold and also see! For by the exact same May, Knowledge, and also Benefits that I have actually done all this, by the exact same May, Knowledge, as well as Benefits I will make well all that is not well; as well as thou shalt see it. As well as in this He willeth that we maintain us in the Confidence and also fact of Holy Church, not wanting to see right into His secret points currently, conserve as it belongeth to us in this life.

„ I'& #x 27;d like to make a vending equipment that offers vending makers. It'& #x 27;d need to be actual fuckin' & #x 27; large!"

-- Mitch Hedberg American funnyman 1968 - 2005

Mitch Completely (2003)

„ I might make all point well, I can make all point well, I will certainly make all point well, as well as I will make all point well; and also thou shalt see thyself that various point will be well."

-- Julian of Norwich English theologian and also anchoress 1342 - 1416

The Thirteenth Discovery, Phase 31Context: As well as hence our great Lord solutioned to all the inquiries as well as questions that I could make, stating complete conveniently: I might make all point well, I can make all point well, I will certainly make all point well, and also I will make all point well; as well as thou shalt see thyself that all type of point will be well.

„ Thy responsibility do? rejoined the voice, Ah, do it, do it, as well as celebrate; Yet shalt thou then, when all is done, Delight in a love, welcome a beautyLike these, that might be seen and also wonIn life, whose training course will certainly then be run; Or shrivel thou be where there is none?I understand not, I will certainly do my task."

-- Arthur Hugh Clough English poet 1819 - 1861

The Examining Spirit http://whitewolf.newcastle.edu.au/words/authors/C/CloughArthurHugh/verse/poemsproseremains/questioningspirit.html, st. 2 (1847 ).

„ Why dost thou not retire like a visitor sated with the reception of life, as well as with tranquil mind welcome, thou mislead, a remainder that understands no treatment?"

-- Lucretius Roman poet as well as theorist -94 - -55 BC

Reserve III, lines 938-- 939 (tr. Bailey)De Rerum Natura (On the Nature of Points)Original: (la) Cur non ut plenus vitae conviva recedisaequo animoque capis securam, stulte, quietem?

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