div NrO_zXURnS0" iframe div h2 Rate 1 h2 Purpose: Find the radio pole Check out for a radio pole, which can be discovered near the entryway to the Kingsmouth Municipal Flight terminal atop a structure (805,775). p Goal: Analyze the radio pole Check the pole. p h2 Rate 2 h2 h3 Goal: Check out the identification number h3 p Analyze the identification number plate under of the pole. div style="text-align: center" div p Purpose: Resource the parts to fix the pole h3 On the location noted by the map (715,815), discover the proper products to take care of the radio pole to functioning problem. There are lots of things, however just a few are the best ones. p The identification number details the pole as a Manticore item of the Orochi Team. Most likely to Orochi-Group. com and also most likely to the Manticore web page, manticore.orochi-group. com. From there, most likely to "Products" and also input the Identification number 3881999 in the Item Number search area to obtain the item info for the Cyclone Collection Pole. secret-world-dead-air-morse-code div p As soon as having actually done so, undergo the product wherefore"s required. p Want to the item summary. p The item summary notes, "Provisionary repair service products: family amplifiers, adhesives and also conductors" Accumulate the complying with things within and also around the garage. Each thing can be located in at the very least 2 various areas. p Get some air duct tape outside in a box (750,815), inside the structure in a box (725,810), or on a rack inside (720,800). Air duct tape is a family adhesive. p pilsadiet.com div p Take a cable wall mount from in addition to a drum barrel (720,815), by the wheel of an airplane (735,815), as well as in addition to a box on a rack (740,800). The cable is steel and also hence conductive. secret-world-dead-air-morse-code Locate a vacuum cleaner tube from either a box (725,830) or in addition to a Pumpomatic T-500 (735,795). p imager_9_3671_700.jpg" alt="*" div p br When you have actually gathered the proper parts as well as engage with the pole to repair it, return to the pole. Rate 3 h2 Goal: Pay attention for transmissions Communicate with the pole to pay attention for any type of transmissions that might take place. p div style="text-align: center" Goal: Understand the coded transmission h3 Determine the components of the transmission and also translate it. It"s in code. br The message remains in morse code, to be specific. The message states: p -- ...--.------.----./.--.--------.--.----.--------./---- ...--------.------ ... ...------ ... Decoded, this converts to: D R O P/ L O C A T I O N/ 7 1 2 5 3 6 p Head to (712,536). 2 hirelings wait for. secret-world-dead-air-morse-code Rate 4 Purpose: Open up the cage p Open up the dog crate. Doing so will certainly create its materials to break out as well as strike. p secret-world-dead-air-morse-code div Remarks Much more Remarks Please make it possible for JavaScript to check out the remarks. Are you appreciating our overviews? p Please take into consideration contributing to maintain this job active! p Give away Secret Globe Legends is a signed up hallmark of Funcom GmbH. All photos, details as well as names are homes of Funcom GmbH unless or else kept in mind. This website remains in no chance kept by or associated with Funcom GmbH.