to rob of something unjustly or injuriously: The group was burglarized of a crowning achievement player when the umpire called it a nasty sphere. The shock burglarized him of his speech.
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rob Peter to pay Paul, to take something from a single person or point to pay one'' s financial debt or theoretical financial debt to an additional, regarding compromise one'' s wellness by straining.
Very first taped in 1175-- 1225; Center English robben, from Old French burglar, from Germanic; contrast Old High German roubōn.See reave1
1. Rob, rifle, sack describe confiscating ownerships that come from others. Rob is the basic word for occupying by illegal pressure or physical violence: to burglarize a financial institution, a home, a train. A term with an extra limited definition is rifle, to make a complete look for what is rewarding or useful, generally within a little area: to rifle a secure. On the various other hand, sack is a term for break-in on a big range throughout battle; it recommends devastation going along with pillage, and also frequently consists of the unplanned carnage of private citizens: to sack a community or area.


un · burglarized, adjective


break into, cup, scam, rob, swipe

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a male offered name, kind of Robert.


What does rob imply?

To rob is to swipe, particularly forcibly or with hazards of physical violence.

An individual that burglarizes is called a burglar, as well as the act of burglarizing is called break-in.

A burglar can burglarize an area or an individual, such as a residence or service. The act of burglarizing an individual on the road is usually called robbery. The act of burglarizing a financial institution is called financial institution break-in as well as an individual that does it is called a financial institution burglar. Equipped burglary entails burglarizing an individual or location while equipped with a tool.

Rob as well as take are typically made use of reciprocally in regards to their basic significance, however their usage within a sentence typically varies. Words rob typically concentrates on the sufferer of the burglary (whether it's a location or an individual), whereas take commonly concentrates on what has actually been taken. So you can burglarize a financial institution, an individual, or a residence, whereas you swipe cash, rubies, or vehicles. A financial institution burglar does not take financial institutions (unless they're Carmen Sandiego, perhaps)-- they swipe cash from financial institutions.

Nonetheless, words rob is in some cases adhered to by the word of and also the important things that's been taken, as in She burglarized me of hundreds of bucks!

Words rob can additionally be utilized in a sort of metaphorical means suggesting to unjustly deny a person of something, specifically something abstract or abstract. You can state they burglarized you of the opportunity to do it if a person stops you from doing something. Fatality is claimed to burglarize us of our enjoyed ones. If somebody sheds a competitors not since they were rather beat yet as a result of some formality, they could state "I was burglarized!"

Unrelatedly, the name Rob is brief for Robert.

Instance: The suspect is implicated of burglarizing 7 financial institutions throughout a three-month duration.

The initial documents of the verb rob originated from around 1200. It originates from the Center English robben, indicating "to rob."

Words rob is utilized in numerous expressions, a few of which utilize it in an actual feeling as well as several of which utilize it in a metaphorical feeling. To burglarize the till is to swipe from one's company, such as by taking cash from the sales register (a till is a cash cabinet). To burglarize a person blind is to swipe a great deal of cash or various other points from them or to extensively cheat them out of something with deceptiveness. To burglarize Peter to pay Paul is to take cash or sources that are planned for one point as well as use them to one more. An instance is obtaining a funding from a single person in order to pay a financial obligation to an additional individual, or taking sources from one division in a business to profit an additional.