The realities: From Admiral Richard E. Byrd's journal February 19, 1947 "I want to see that land past the Post. That location past the Post is the facility of the terrific unidentified!" (was created prior to his 7-hour trip past the North Post)

Anyhow evidently the Gunman (Hitler) had his very own UFO's as well as was doing some things in the South Post.

For me the photo is coming to be more clear specifically after mosting likely to Sedona, Arizona as well as exploring the evening skies with armed forces quality environment-friendly gargoyles and also seeing convoys of UFO's.

I resembled WTF, and afterwards I averted from the skies as we have significant task over. I saw this radiant item and also it was substantial based upon the dimension of those scary Arizona red frameworks, not hillsides or hills.

I took the gargoyles off and also I see just blackness, I placed them back on and also see this weird big beautiful things bigger than a plane. Possibly the dimension of a 10 tale structure.

So I informed the tourist guide as well as he stated and also looked what the hell is that. The other individuals there really did not focus. I began to browse me and also with whatever eco-friendly as well as illuminated I chose I much better take them off due to the fact that I might see something I do not intend to see that can for life remain in my memory financial institution.

Yeah I'll remain in this measurement ...

3. Division of Protection produced December 18, 1947

4. National Safety Firm Established by Head Of State Truman November 4, 1952

5. Admiral Bird develops Satellite base at the South Post April 1955

6. On January 13, 1956, the Admiral and also his staff flew 2,300 miles overland past the South Post and also Byrd stated he saw a "various sort of land."

7. Admiral Richard E. Byrd passed away July 11, 1957, of a "Heart condition

8. NASA started by Head of state Eisenhower on July 29, 1958,

What was taking place worldwide that all these companies were developed within a years? One guy's name: Admiral Richard E. Byrd.

A couple of years back I saw a video clip on Admiral Byrd as well as he was speaking about the North and also South Poles. At the time I really did not recognize they intended to close him up as he had a great time discussing his explorations on the Longines Chronoscope Talk Program.

Since I was paying attention to Dr. Phil Valentine chat concerning the planet as well as then he brought up the name F. Amadeo Giannini that created the publication [I'm composing this short article currently [solid> Globes Past the Poles as well as points out Admiral Byrd.

I looked Giannini on as well as review some evaluations that are blended as Giannini suggests that past both the North as well as South Poles is land the dimension of North and also South America as well as has no end to it.

Currently I'm interested as well as seem like a press reporter as I start to dig. I obtained points to do however I really felt forced to create this write-up. Perhaps maybe Richard's photo considering me.

Admiral Byrd as soon as stated" that captivated continent overhead, land of long lasting enigma!" he was dead after he claimed this in 1957. What did he suggest? Admiral Richard E. Byrd passed away July 11, 1957, of a "Heart disorder."

Was he speaking excessive as well as the federal government really did not desire the globe to learn about the land past the Poles for safety and security functions? Was it since the exploration existed inside the planet as well as out the planet's external crust where we live? (It's difficult for me to understand the internal as well as out crust of the planet).



The guy that understood excessive-- Admiral Richard E. Byrd-- Image using United States archives

The Admiral additionally claimed that the South polar exploration is "one of the most crucial in the background of the globe. On January 13, 1956 the Admiral and also his team flew 2,300 miles over land past the South Post and also Byrd stated he saw a "various kind of land." He claimed that he assumed it would just be snow as well as ice yet was amazed to see" limitless land, hills, woodlands, and also a huge monstrous pet."

, if it's real per F. Amadeo Giannini that There is no physical end to the Planet's southerly and also north level," it makes me consider the trip pattern because I do not ever before remember flying north or southern simply eastern as well as west ... within the boundaries of this nation, yes, however airline companies do not look at the water to the north or southern and also it appears maybe a route.

Exists even more to our planet that researchers or the federal governments of the globe aren't informing us? Exists extra land, pets, rivers, and also trees someplace past all the icebergs and also ice we see in images and also video clips?

Are we separated from "others" that get on this earth? Could it be we do not understand what's past the ice? In Byrds journal February 19, 1947, he defines the arrival over the polar extremities at 1000 Hrs:

"We are going across over the tiny range of mountains as well as still continuing northward as best as can be identified. Past the range of mountains is what seems a valley with a little river or stream going through the facility part.

There must be no environment-friendly valley listed below! Something is irregular as well as certainly incorrect right here! We must more than Ice and also Snow! To the portside are wonderful woodlands expanding on the hill inclines. Our navigating tools are still rotating, t he gyroscope is oscillating to and fro "

Throughout the fifties and also forties, there was a great deal of weird things taking place to maintain the details trick ... individuals passed away ... search" December 1959 top-secret and also unsafe Traveling Dish publication."

Obviously, the Federal government desired individuals to consider the North as well as South posts as a location not habitable, freezing chilly and also most definitely not a destination. Could it be due to the fact that Admiral Byrd oriented Head of state Eisenhower and also advised of a prospective intrusion and also they threw him right into a psychological establishment?

Locate a publication by Michael X called The Rainbow City.

The Rainbow City has to do with a human being that lives past the South Post that evidently has rainbow waters (red, blue, environment-friendly great for an LSD sci-fi result). Other individuals on this earth? What would certainly that suggest? Why did the media not speak about this much at that time neither do they currently? Could our maps be incorrect? Is all land made up in the world? Exists land out the globe map?

My final thought is that I think that Admiral Byrd located something as well as the federal government wished to close him up. It appears the Poles aren't on anybody's radar as well as just see it as ice, yet if what Admiral Byrd claimed holds true (there are a couple of secs of video clip on YouTube of the brownish hills and also ice) , then we could be on a countless "airplane" as well as not a "world"... a gulp ... level planet ... with other individuals that do not learn about us and also we do not understand about them? Or do we understand concerning each various other however can not discuss it?