Hence, we can end that the proton will certainly take a trip 0.254 m prior to reaching its transforming point.The planet mantle is various from the external core since the mantle is A)further from the crust.B)Beside the internal core.C) clos(60 sec)/(44 feelings) = 1.364 sec/vibe ... that"s the duration (44 feelings)/ (60 sec) = 0.733 vibe/sec ... that"s the regularity

A copper cord is 1.6 m long and also its size is 1.1 mm. If the cable hangs up and down, just how much weight (in N) need to be contributed to it


Weight called for = 194.51 N


The prolongation is offered by


Size, L=1.6 m Size, d=1.1 mm Location Modification in size, ΔL=2.8 mm=0.0028 m Youthful" s modulus