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Behind The Meme was a YouTube webseries introduced by Kyle Bryce that clarifies the beginnings of as well as provides evaluation on trending memes. Given that its launch in August 2016, the collection has actually turned into a preferred meme explainer on the video-sharing system, amassing over 600,000 clients and also 50 million network sights within the initial 6 months. In spite of its energetic visibility on YouTube, the collection has actually been the target of derision in particular meme areas because of its tone, unimaginative material, and also the understanding that he eliminates memes after he examines them by making them easily accessible to normies. The network discontinued task in December 2018 complying with a number of phony self-destruction vlogs.

Online Background

Behind the Meme"s YouTube network introduced on August 12th, 2016. <1> The network is run by Kyle Bryce. On his network, he details a The golden state PO Box. His very first video clip was submitted on August 13th, describing Dicks Out For Harambe (revealed listed below).

Since March 8th, 2017, the network has actually built up over 646,000 customers. Several of his most prominent episodes have actually obtained over one million sights, including his video clips for Cash money Me Ousside, The Bit, We Are Leading, and also Yee.





Anthony Fantano Apology

On November 12th, 2016, thatistheplan, the meme-explainer network of Anthony Fantano, launched a video clip on Rickrolling parodying the design of Behind The Meme. Fantano slams Behind the Meme"s manuscripts by checking out the access in damaged english. He additionally claims the network patronize its target market like its packed with 6 years of age and also implicates the network of spitting up info on Know Your Meme.

The complying with day, Behind The Meme replied to Fantano"s video clip by uploading a video clip where he dealt with several of the objections Fantano lobbed as well as obtained his mother to roast him by calling him a nerd.


Though preferred, Behind the Meme is disliked in particular meme neighborhoods. Frequently, he is charged of being a normie as well as cancer cells in talk about his video clips (ex-spouse: revealed listed below). <2>


The network is especially hated on meme-focused subreddits such as/ r/dankmemes as well as/ r/MemeEconomy. As an example, on March 8th, 2017, a picture of a Behind The Meme remarks area asking the network to assess Increasing Mind created a mix in both subreddits. In/ r/dankmemes, the screenshot was published with the title, "Behind the meme, if you"re available, on Reddit, I"m asking you, wear"t do this to us. This meme is just a kid, it has a lot to live for" (revealed listed below). <3>


On/ r/MemeEconomy, the subreddit reacts to Behind the Meme activities by weeping "Offer!" whenever he is or examines urged to evaluate a meme. <4>


On February 19th, 2017, a confidential 4chan individual required to/ r9k/ to grumble concerning Behind the Meme as well as ask just how 4chan might take it down. In action, an additional customer recommended that in every video clip, 4chan commenters require he cover "Zenzi," a meme that doesn"t exist, and also downvote every video clip in which he doesn"t cover Zenzi, which they believed would certainly cause Behind The Meme obtaining aggravated as well as giving up (screenshot revealed listed below). It shows up the initial string has actually been erased, though a comparable string has actually been archived.

Behind The Meme promptly found what was taking place as well as combated the tried 4chan raid by producing an explainer video clip for Zenzi the very same day as the raid. The video clip developed into much less of an explainer and also even more of a prolonged riff on the elitism of some meme areas. Behind The Meme"s precise and also fast reaction to Zenzi led to the Zenzi raid being considered a failing.

Plagiarism Accusations

Behind the Meme has actually been implicated in the past for presumably plagiarising Know Your Meme. In Anthony Fantano"s apology of Behind the Meme, he sardonically claims "This is the component where I spit up info I discovered on Know Your Meme, yet you"re so silly, you assume I investigated it." The network"s propensity to take Know Your Meme info has actually been an obvious pattern for its fans. As an example, in his episode wherefore in Tarnation, he states: <6>

"What in Tarnation?" is an older claiming that is commonly connected with the Southern states of America.

The "Around" area for the Know Your Meme entrance for the meme reviews:

"What in Tarnation?" is an ornate inquiry significance "what in damnation?", which is usually related to Americans staying in the Southern USA revealing incredulous confusion.


On June 3rd, 2017, Behind The Meme submitted a "Attract My Life" episode to his network in which he confessed his name was Kyle Bryce (revealed listed below). On August fourth, 2017, he published a since-deleted video clip discussing Accident Bandicoot Woah. This resulted in him being doxxed.

On August 5th, 2017, Bryce was doxxed by customer Jaxon Richardson of Hollaforums, that uploaded web links to Bryce"s social networks accounts as well as his address. A string was uploaded to/ r/OutOftheLoop <7> regarding the doxxing the following day. This brought about enhanced objection of the network and also an additional wave of rough objection, specifically on/ r/memeeconomy and also 4chan, though it is presently uncertain the degree to which the doxxing has actually impacted Bryce"s individual life.


Self-destruction Vlog Collection

On September 20th, 2018, the Behind the Meme network published a video clip labelled "1. The Start," including first-person viewpoint video footage of a guy grabbing a container of vodka in a grocery store (revealed listed below, left). On September 22nd, a video clip entitled "2. The Future" was posted to the network, in which the program"s designer goes over exactly how the unfavorable response to the Behind the Meme collection led him to anxiety and also reveals his individual space on video camera (revealed listed below, right).

On September 24th, the network launched a video clip labelled "3. The Center," in which the network maker drives to a search to observe website traffic in the evening while musing concerning the nature of humankind (revealed listed below, left). On September 26th, he published a video clip entitled "4. The Past" in which he returns residence, beverages a lot more vodka as well as can be listened to sobbing while claiming "everyone despises me," that he has no "friend or family" and also just how the YouTube network brought him both happiness and also negative thoughts (revealed listed below, right).

That day, Polygon <8> released a post reporting that "resources within the YouTube area" asserted that authorities were spoken to regarding the video clips.

Counterfeit Self-destruction Video Clip

On September 28th, Bryce posted a last video clip in which he is revealed shooting himself in the head with a gun prior to falling down to the ground. The video clip was ultimately eliminated from YouTube from YouTube for breaching neighborhood standards yet was reuploaded by YouTuber cobrasrock (revealed listed below).

That day, Bryce submitted an additional variation of the last video clip, including a clip of a pup as he reviews the manuscript for the phony self-destruction video clip (revealed listed below, left). On the other hand, a video clip discussing the five-part collection was published to the network (revealed listed below, right). In the video clip, Bryce excuses fooling audiences right into assuming he had actually devoted self-destruction however confessed that the video clips were an "exact representation" of his previous responses to unfavorable comments on YouTube. In addition, Bryce declared that the video clips were developed to "eliminate" his network.

On September 30th, Bryce posted a video clip labelled "The Cops Concerned My Home Due To My Video clips!", in which he reviewed just how he was seen by the authorities for his phony self-destruction video clip (revealed listed below).

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