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Baffled Black Woman is a photo macro collection including a teen with an incredulous expression on her face. The overlaid message usually focuses around a confounding or irritating circumstance. When the topic of the image apparently took legal action against Instagram she understood the image had actually ended up being a meme, the meme obtained interest.


Among the earliest occurrences of the image made use of as a meme got on April 30th, 2014, when 9Gag <3> uploaded the image with the title "New meme inbound: Baffled Black Woman." Since July 2014, the picture has actually acquired over 80 factors.



On May 11th, 2014, a Facebook web page <1> labelled "Overwhelmed Black Lady Meme" was released. Since July 2014, the web page has actually gotten over 68,000 sort. An additional Facebook web page <2> committed to the meme entitled "Baffled Black Lady," was released on June 22nd, as well as acquired over 26,000 suches as in much less than 2 weeks.

Instagram Legal Action Scam

On July 1st, 2014, radio terminal website 101.9 Online <4> reported that a 16-year-old from Birmingham Alabama, Kiesha Johnson, was the face of the meme and also was filing a claim against Instagram for $500 million since the picture was initially taken by as well as uploaded to a good friend"s Instagram account prior to it spread out online. Johnson described her rage concerning the uncomplimentary image coming to be a meme stating:

"My face looked awful like I will vomit. I look absolutely nothing like that in reality ... Im truly a poor b * tch!"

The claim was covered the very same day by WordOnDaStreet <5> as well as RomanceMeetsLife <6>, though both websites appeared hesitant that the tale held true. The adhering to day it was covered by bigger websites, consisting of The Resource <7> On July 3rd, PetaPixel <8> mapped the resource of the tale to the witticism website Odosogossip <9> which published the scam write-up "Overwhelmed Face Meme Lady Takes Legal Action Against Instagram for $500 Million Dollars Since Individuals Maintain Utilizing Her Image" on June 30th.