Taking into consideration the Much Side of Destiny was utilized to explain the lead up to Ala Mhigo throughout 3.5, it can indicate to exceed it, to Garlemald.I can see that

in fact. When going to Ala Mhigo, Illberd claimed it last. Since (I think) Zenos is stating it, mosting likely to his residence land of Garlemald makes good sense to me.it & #x 27; s simply a type of thematic concept they such as making use of a great deal, the like "a finishing to note a clean slate" and also "for those we have actually shed, for those we can yet conserve"

I'& #x 27; m not truly certain if it implies anything, since it didn'& #x 27; t actually imply much last time either. Beyond being the name of the spot introducing Stormblood, and also a solitary line of message from Ilberd ("Come! See what awaits you at the much side of destiny!"), it didn'& #x 27; t truly have any type of certain relevance. It might wind up indicating something, yet with what we understand currently I assume it'& #x 27; s simply a calculated callback.Past the Far Side of

FateRing blades dark as well as lightTolling the resulting completion

I think the line must be taken with context. What it suggests I can'& #x 27; t claim, yet there & #x 27

; s a great deal there in 3 lines.Had it'been a distinct line on it & #x 27; s possess I & #x 27;d offer it much more supply, however the concept of" the side"as a limit of the unidentified appears to be a rather typical function in the translations of the video game. As you claimed, 3.5 was "The Much Side of Destiny," which was our press right into Ala Mhigo and also versus the realm. They then utilize "To The Side" with the 5.3 test, an additional considerable border in the video game being pressed with us eliminating Elidibus and also therefore the last unsundered paragon.With us mosting likely to Garlemald and also the moon, it fits with exactly how they utilize it that we & #x 27;d once more be taking a trip"past the much side of destiny "right into brand-new unidentified area. Past that I #x & wear 27; t assume there & #x 27; s anything actually unique to the line.they claimed throughout the display the 6.0 tale in endwalker is completion of the hydelyn as well as zodiark tale arc, an one decade old tale is pertaining to an end.its forshadowing the orgasm

Pretty certain it'& #x 27; s simply a coincidence, it'& #x 27; s simply an unknown FFXIV claiming that'& #x 27; s most likely comparable to something like "entering the unidentified", going locations or doing points that no person can have envisioned example.


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