They will most likely to Mars in the Results world, and after that the nuclear battle took place. Their area technology was in fact truly excellent, as well as if the battle didn'& #x 27; t occur it possibly would have sent them to a room age degree of modern technology. That'& #x 27; s why you see innovative things similar to this. It'& #x 27; s truly cool down, yet I put on'& #x 27; t believe it has anything to do with Starfield. At the majority of I'& #x 27;d state the very same man(s) at Bethesda that developed this could have made the spaceport station in the Starfield trailer, that'& #x 27; s why there & #x 27; s some comparable things.I assume it'& #x 27; s a coincidence as well as based upon something similar to this that currently thought of for After effects!.?.!They've had area things prior to. They had the unusual mothership dlc for After effects 3. I & #x 27; ve seen the collapsed terminal in-game and also it & #x 27; s really various to the starfield terminal. They are both round is the major similarly.I #x & put on 27; t recognize if I see a lot of a resemblance, aside from the round sidewalk

. However'also that is constructed from a various product than the one in the Starfield intro, where it appears to be glass.Starfield is a total brand-new ip, absolutely nothing to do with Results. They may have easter eggs occasionally,

however like the altered nirnroot, it wont be canon.Hmmm-I #x & wear 27; t see it. They & #x 27; re both spaceport station, certainly, however the Results collapsed terminal looks far more like something type 2001: A Room Odyssey than it does the spaceport station from the Starfield trailer. The Starfield one resembles a well provided terminal from Bablyon 5 or something:P I #x & wear 27; t have it either however I simply inadvertently come across images and also video clips of it while I was enjoying a Noclip & #x 27; s docudrama

on'Results 76. There are some video clips on youtube and also great deals of photos on google pictures, simply google "collapsed spaceport station Results 76 ". All I can claim is that it & #x 27; s absolutely the dimension of what we & #x 27; ve seen in the trailer. It & #x 27; s color pattern and also form is basically the very same. Yet besides that-absolutely nothing. Would certainly value any type of details from any person that played FO76 also. Possibly some audio logs or notes existing around? There & #x 27; s obtained ta be something ... This is devoted to Starfield, the upcoming role-playing room video game being created by Bethesda Video game*