Swiping in Ruby City and also discovery

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I such as to play a rogue personality. Great deals of creeping, pick-pocketing, and also swiping. Upon initial reaching Ruby City, I discovered the lift to the mayor"s workplaces as well as increased to discover and also eliminate him of unneeded product properties. I took whatever besides pursuit things, not as soon as being spotted. As I was leaving, a NON-hostile epic protectron guardian appears as well as begins fallowing me around. Not a good idea, as he"s contaminated. Oh, as well as annoying.So, I refill back prior to reaching ruby city, talk with Piper and also the Mayor as well as reach my burglary. This moment I ensure to never ever take anything with an NPC in the very same area or having view. Very same outcome, contaminated friend pertains to obtain me.So I refill once more, this time around utilizing the console to toggle off AI discovery totally. I go as well as do my stealing, never ever while in the very same area or having LoS with an NPC, and also yet once more the protectron reveals up.I presume the protectron isn"t hostile since I sanctuary"t been "discovered" taking, yet involves obtain me since I took and also some video game technician caused to send him after me. Has anybody else had concerns such as this while taking? Exists a work-around to swipe without making contaminated close friends? Or do I need to take care of the protectron and/or dive ahead in time? I"m seeking a method to quit this concern prior to it begins.
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As long as you are not discovered, youre ok other than if you have friends with you. They might not like it as well as they put on"t also require to see you swipe. Btw, be carefull to make use of console commands for such points. You require to educate sneak.



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Many thanks for the reply.-I did not have any type of buddies when trying this, having actually rejected my own simply before concerning Ruby City in expectancy of taking place a robbery spree.-Perks are not the problem, as I have them suitably leveled as well as was never ever detected.-And I just utilized the console to validate that I wasn"t being discovered (by shutting off AI discovery) when in my previous efforts I "took properly". Have you had comparable concerns? If so, just how did you solve them? I can definitely reload/rest/eliminate the upseting NPC, yet I"m wishing to prevent this issue.I"d instead not simply chalk it as much as "video game is buggy".

Ideal method to swipe from Ruby City ... simply take it!

I removed the whole Market by simply getting every little thing and also allowing all the guards as well as individuals strike me as I do so. I eliminated all the guards yet none of the real sellers or locals (individuals with real names). As long as you obtained excellent damages resistance as well as a reasonable couple of stimpacks, simply take what you desire.

Ruby City is extremely flexible. After eliminating all the guards and also taking every little thing you desire, lack Ruby City, not neglecting to fire even more guards in the face and also strike up all the turrets on your escape of the city entryway, then shed all individuals that are chasing you. Remain much gone from the city for over 24 hr and also when you return, every people pleasant!!!!!!

That"s a fascinating suggestion! I could make use of a customized variation of it to deal with my rogue play-style. And also, I"m a glass cannon as I"m constructed to never ever be spotted. Rather than informing the guards and also slamming every little thing, I could set about swiping every little thing sneakily, eliminate any type of common NPCs that pest out on me, and afterwards remainder in Haven for some time to reset all of it.
Well, put on"t attempt those roguishness in the Mayor"s workplace ... Simply joking! To burglarize the Mayoral risk-free, simply
stroll in throughout workplace hrs, and also being in a chair till it obtains dark. Some swell protection they have, huh?
Then open up the secure. When I did this, no guards cared.
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I really came to Ruby City in the center of the evening, so when I entered into the Mayor"s workplace Geneva was asleep, the Mayor was out preparing for his speech, and also the solitary guard was relocating in between areas leaving me entirely alone for mischievousness. When I refilled after my very first effort, I didn"t also swipe anything in Geneva"s space while she was resting simply if was triggering my issues. Additionally, I didn"t choose the lock to the mayor"s quarters, making use of
the switch under Geneva"s workdesk
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