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Attractive children, elegant kidsPlayboys, poor boysI fink u freeky as well as I like you a whole lot (x4)Motherfuckers obtain hummed off the seasoning that I bring Presume that"s obtained the event jumpin"? Shine at night go crazy, mood pumpingIt"s various and also wonderful, yo fuck the system! My system pumps off it"s fucking faceStep right into my globe nou"s jy tuis in paradysYo word as much as my bro, muisPump up your audio speakers, yo God se Jesus.Kyk wies rapping, lekker to the drumThese poor young boys like to slap me in the bumMy staff"s exploding like Chappie"s bubblegum Appearing your face, nyaaaYo fuck the battle of life, my design is rap rave My team is kak fresh, so that the fuck cares?What you fucking think, I"m the kind of chickWho rolls with spif giftige misfitsI fink u freeky and also I like you a great deal (x8)Stand up! Whoa, whoa wait a min Jesus ChristYo my male DJ High Tek - Spunk, this motherfucking beat behaves In the past of them dwankies didn"t wish to count on us Little did they understand that they remained in for a motherfucking large surprise.Left residence secured my Zef zoneReady for the examination yo? What the fuck, I presume so Strike the abroad, motherfucker"s heads obtain blown.Get every little thing for like Dr. Dre Defeats headphonesWhen I obtain house I lounge on my Zef throneMake my mommy delighted reason I obtain so paidMaking my cash rapping over techno raveI can take you "round the globe, allow"s go babeWhen I tip up and also do my point I place you in a hypnotic trance My Zef motherfucking society obtained it going onFuck what you assume, I do what I wantI can make a million little motherfuckers jumpJump motherfucker, dive motherfucker dive (x4)Raise the tranquility, wear"t trash the partyAnd fuck da jol up for everybodyEk"s a laarney, jy"s a gamWant jy lam innie mang, fulfilled jou vernacular in a peanut fink u freeky and also I like you a great deal (x4)Currently why you loer en kyk gelyk?Is ek miskien van goud gemake?You wish to deal with, you come tonight.Ek moer jou sleg! So jy hardloop weg.God se Jesus, we concern partyPump your audio speakers, yo rock your bodyIn god we rely on, you can"t fuck with usWe"re not taking kak, I"d like to claim what"s upTo my hot young boys, and also my expensive kids, And also my playboys, as well as my poor kids, And also my appealing kids, as well as my awful young boys, As well as my mischievous children, We gon na have a good time kidsI fink u freeky as well as I like you a whole lot (x8)