Apple Jack is a nation horse with blonde hair as well as a great deal of nation individuals have blonde hair I made use of wan na be a nation woman till I saw a great deal of Gothic things.


# 19 Alice

Alice is among my preferred Disney personalities however I really such as the Alice in the computer game Alice chaos returns.


# 18 Riley

She should be one of the most intriguing woman in pixar due to the fact that there"s a great deal of concepts regarding her I primarily recognize her moms and dads if they we"re her genuine moms and dads.


# 17 supergirl

I"m not truly a superman or lady follower I"m a Batman follower however I truly like just how they made this superhero in to a blonde teen woman.


# 16 deedee

What most frustrating personality on the program that won"t quit touching Dexter"s things in his laboratory like I put on"t like my sibling touching my illustrations.


# 15 Barbie

Every made use of to enjoy Barbie I constantly desired a great deal of Barbie dolls currently I wish to have a living dead doll.

# 14 Tara

Its so unusual that tara advise me of my cozin as well as they both have the very same name. Anyways Tara is a solid woman that can regulate the planet.

# 13 lola

Lola was a really attractive personality in maniacal songs I state was because currently she"s simply a dumb weird stalker that pests doesn"t like yet still dates her anyhow

# 12 angelica

Angelica is a child that believes she"s constantly best however yet she regrettably she obtains penalized and also her badness is means off the graph.

# 11 Rapunzel

She looks a whole lot like him at the end of tangle just I have blue eyes. I actually like tangle I such as Rapunzel however my preferred personality is Flynn.

# 10 Pearl

Pearl needs to be the best personality in the program as well as in the brand-new episodes in my point of view. She"s so pleasant I truly enjoy the history of her tale and also just how she was initially presented in the program.

# 9 Polly pocket

I utilized to accumulate Polly pockets however yet my bro constantly eat on them with I despise one of the most.

# 8 peach

Yes I recognize she"s not a personality on a program however she was however her hair was red I assume. I truly enjoy the gowns she where it"s outstanding.

# 7 Mandy

Mandy is one of the most brave personality on the program I truly like it just how she doesn"t smile I ask yourself if somebody did a crossover attempting to make pinkie pie make her smile?

# 6 bubbles

Bubbles is solid and also so adorable also when she"s crazy it"s charming you shouldnt tinker bubbles with her hair though.

# 5 princess aurora

My preferred Disney film resting elegance I actually enjoy her design it"s impressive and also I actually enjoy truth tale of it.

# 4 unseen lady

I truly like the television collection of amazing 4 my favored episode with the difficult guy. Unnoticeable lady is outstanding I live her hair and also her design.

# 3 harly quin

She"s an insane bad guy which I like she"s the jokers sweetheart which i alsoI additionally like I likewise enjoy her design as well as her large hammer.

# 2 Helga

She primarily advises me of myself due to the fact that we track our crush and also do unusual points individuals wear"t under stand.

# 1 little bow peep

I actually enjoy little bow peep with her charming pink gown as well as her lamb I constantly desired a doll like her she"s so exceptionally adorable and also charming

Thanks a lot for reviewing I wish you appreciate if you like please or t lije switch over as well as I"ll she you once again later on. Bye bye: heart:

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