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Alright, unwind, allow as well as unwind'& #x 27; s struck it againWhile you go inform your mom, kinand, daddy or relative your various other close friends, that wear'& #x 27; t also have a clueWhat this 2 guy team will doYou understand it ain'& #x 27; t fools gold this is KryptoniteSuper MC'& #x 27; s ice up when I struck the mic rightE F is my A.K.AI maintain it standing out like bubble dual you R A PAnd if you put on'& #x 27; t understand now, then pay attention up stupidCSWS pertained to do itGot even more taste than you and also your team, kidSo obtain your hands with each other if you'& #x 27; re prepared to shed it andBounce to the bounce to the breakneck beatAnd like younger elderly claimed to relocate your feet yoYou bring the hullabaloo, I'& #x 27; ll bring the refreshmentsAnd remain fresh to fatality like I'& #x 27; m choking on abreath mint I feel I can flyI'& #x 27; m on 6, 7, 8, cloud nineAnd ain & #x 27; t nothin gon na quit meCause I & #x 27; m simply also magnificent and also highCan & #x 27; t no one obtain me down Up as well as away, lem me obtain thatTouching ozone without jetpackI'& #x 27; ma bag of bones packed with heliumLead foot on the knowledgeable, equilibriumRaps a million, none quotidienExtraordinaire, following beneficiary to the throneLike a climbing boy making climbing sumsUp as well as away with a million thumbsSo self-made you'& #x 27;d assume I was asexualFresh big deal lem me complete my victuals (bon appetit)Yeah time for deals with, far better obtain it rapid '& #x 27; fore it thaws in the heatI'& #x 27; m ravaging on the mic I & #x 27; m on an objective to ruinYou wan na understand just how it'& #x 27; s done? Then reach doin' & #x 27; as I'& #x 27; m doin & #x 27; I & #x 27; ma sally forth like a stallion, raps komandantIn strong typeface wordplay sage
I feel I can flyI'& #x 27; m on 6, 7, 8, cloud nineAnd ain & #x 27; t nothin gon na quit meCause I & #x 27; m simply as well magnificent as well as highCan & #x 27; t no one obtain me down Hey cynics, just how y'& #x 27; all been?It & #x 27; s been a min however I'& #x 27; m in it to winAnd I ain'& #x 27; t completed this is the beginning gunAnd I'& #x 27; ma run it to the front till I'& #x 27; m top sonThis is a balanced defibrillationInnovative old-fashioned to delight the nationI been patiently developing and also waiting steamBut I'& #x 27; m back with the bounce like a trampoline, Oh pleaseI feel it gurgling upIt'& #x 27; s 10 times larger yet it'& #x 27; s never ever enoughYa obtained ta rise very early or you'& #x 27; ll miss out on the callSo allow me reveal every one of y'& #x 27; all whats in my crystal ballI measured the reward eyes on the opportunityMy mind on my cash and also my origins in the communitySo obtain your full night's sleep imagination comaMy future'& #x 27; s so intense I & #x 27; m obtaining cancer malignancy I feel I can flyI & #x 27; m on 6, 7, 8, cloud nineAnd ain & #x 27; t nothin gon na quit meCause I & #x 27; m simply also magnificent as well as high Fresh B., exactly how you #x & feelin 27;? (David Eff, guy, I & #x 27; m on the top)I can'& #x 27; t think they & #x 27; re hearin & #x 27; thisFrom the roof of hip hopFresh Big deal, exactly how you feelin'& #x 27;?( David Eff, guy, I'& #x 27; m ahead)I can & #x 27; t think they & #x 27; re feelin & #x 27; thisFrom the roof of hip jump(Can'& #x 27; t no one obtain me down)