This is an overview to the Temple Mission, Master of the Wind , in Tale of Zelda: Breath of bush. Below you can discover the pursuit walkthrough, where to begin Master of the Wind and also all pursuit benefits. p br Just How to Begin Master of the Wind h2 Master of the Wind Place h3 Pursuit Provider Kass td Area Horon Shallows td tr table Master of the Wind Walkthrough h2 Overview Summary h3 table tr td Speak with Kass Ruin the Boulders Paraglide to the Stand div Expand b Speak with Kass b Talk with Kass b southwest of the Horon Shallows. You can discover the shallows eastern of Brynna Level td tr Ruin the Boulders 2 Ruin the rocks td Make use of the Remote Bomb rune or Bomb Arrowheads to damage the rocks in the location. table Stone 1 - Southwest of Kass. td imager_2_6160_700.jpg" alt="*" Expand td Stone 2 b - Southwest from the initial collection of rocks. Fire a Bomb Arrowhead or toss a Remote Bomb rune b to damage it. p table td br td tr p b Stone 3 b - Head to the eastern side of the U-shaped rock as well as utilize the Cryonis Rune b to develop a system leading in the direction of the stone. table td br tr b Rock 4 - South of the U-shaped rock. Fire a Bomb Arrowhead or toss a Remote Bomb rune to ruin it. table br h3 Paraglide to the Stand 5 td imager_3_6160_700.jpg" alt="*" div b Delve into the wind hot spring and also paraglide As soon as all rocks have actually been ruined, delve into a wind hot spring and also browse your means to the orange stand. br b Paraglide and also climb up the u-shape rock b (Optional) Optional: You can likewise reach the top of the U-shaped rock b as well as paraglide to the stand. tr 4 br Come down on the stand Touchdown on the orange stand without touching down triggers the temple, finishing the pursuit. tr table Master of the Wind Mission Benefits h2 Full the temple mission to open the Shai Yota Temple. p Journey Log Access This is a complete listing of the Journey Log access for Master of the Wind. Entrance Access Text tr Pursuit Beginning b td "He damages the rocks that offer to bind, Over the rough bay.On Wings of fabric and also timber laced, He arrive on the church to break the ice."Address the enigma behind the track Kass educated you to discover the hero"s test. tr Mission Clear b "He damages the rocks that offer to bind, Over the agitated bay.On Wings of fabric as well as timber laced, He arrive on the church to break the ice."The "wings of towel as well as timber braided" ended up to describe the paraglider.After taking advantage of the wind as well as touchdown atop the dais, a temple showed up. td tr h2 Connected Guides breath-of-the-wild-master-of-the-wind p Go back to Checklist of Temple Quests Pursuits by Kind table BotW Pursuit Kind tr Key Quests td Side Missions td Temple Quests DLC Quests All BotW Mission Walkthroughs