1 : ransack taken (as in battle) particularly : ransack handled land as identified from rewards taken mixed-up
boo · ​ ty|\ ˈbü-tē
1 United States jargon : butts He"d transformed his back to the rowdy group and also drank his booty.—-- Joseph Wambaugh
2 United States vernacular : sexual relations ... explaining in words the mystery encountered by lots of "90s guys simply attempting to obtain some booty without angering any person.—-- Eric Berman

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Basic synonyms for booty

Basic Synonyms: Noun (1)

Basic Synonyms: Noun (2)

posterior heinie , keister (additionally keester) , tush Go to the Synonym replacement tool for Extra

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Noun (1)

ruin, ransack, booty, reward, loot mean something drawn from an additional forcibly or craft. ruin, a lot more typically spoils, relates to what belongs by right or personalized to the victor in battle or political competition. the spoils of political success plunder relates to what is taken not just in battle yet in break-in, banditry, implanting, or swindling. a bootlegger"s ransack booty indicates plunder to be shared amongst confederates. burglars splitting up their booty reward relates to spoils caught on the high seas or territorial waters of the adversary. the wartime right of taking rewards mixed-up loot uses particularly to what is drawn from sufferers of a disaster. selected via the damages for loot

2 Sort Of Booty

Sometimes a word in English will certainly have a variety of definitions that are significantly various. One instance of this is wonderful , which might imply "pleasing," "minor," or "meticulous." In spite of their semantic distinctions, every one of these detects have a common enunciation, punctuation, and also most notably, etymology; the last identifies their standing as various significances of the very same word. In various other circumstances, words with distinct definitions might share an enunciation and also a punctuation however have various beginnings, making them completely various words. Such holds true with booty The feeling definition "ransack" has actually remained in our language given that the 15th century as well as can be mapped to the Center Reduced German word būte , suggesting "circulation, share, plunder." The vernacular word booty implying either "butts" or "sexual relations," though led to and also articulated the very same, has an unique beginning and also is as a result a completely various word. Dating from the very early 20th century, it comes (by means of African-American English and also perhaps an English-based creole) from the Very early Modern English word bottie , implying "butts."

Very First Understood Use booty

Noun (1)

15th century, in the definition specified at feeling 1

Noun (2)

1926, in the definition specified at feeling 2

Background as well as Etymology for booty

Noun (1)

alteration of Center French butin , from Center Reduced German būte exchange

Noun (2)

modification of an English-based creole word, eventually from Very early Modern English * bottie "butts," possibly from bott(om) entrance 1 + -ie