Since Christianity stressed congregational praise, an essential adjustment in the ___ was needed.both Greek and also Roman The

mosaic Christ as the Sunlight exhibits very early Christian musicians 'appropriation of ___ iconography.Romanesque/ Gothic The art as well as style of the high Center Ages is

usually split right into 2

durations, the __ as well as the __. clerestory The walled, higher expansion of the nave that is punctured

with home windows is called

the Gothic Abbot Suger's church near Paris, Saint Denis, is the initial __ church ever before built.creating numbers as well as

setups with a boosted naturalism Duck and also Giotto were 2 musicians whose developments in ___ substantially affected Renaissance paint styles.vertical The significant axis of a central-plan church, such as the church of San Vitale in

Ravenna is needlework The method in which tinted threads are stitched to an existing woven history is called big home windows of tarnished glass

All the adhering to are attributes of Romanesque design other than narthex The _________ is the sidewalk straight

before a

church that acts as the access porch.architecture as well as sculpture The change from Romanesque to Gothic design can be seen in the ______

at Chartres Cathedral.ambulatories Engineers of Romanesque churches started setting up _______ around the apse, which enabled the overflow of explorers

to flow

openly around the inside of the church.Mosaic ______________ method was utilized to finish the Empress Theodora as well as Retinue in 547

C.E.Charlemagne The Royal Residence Church at Aachen was

constructed for ________ as his individual area of worship.Abbot Suger's church near Paris, Saint Denis, is the initial

______ church

ever before built.Gothic They act as tips that a person is getting in a spiritual space.What objective do the sculpted numbers offer that embellish the entranceways at Chartres Cathedral?their tarnished glass home windows Gothic sanctuaries are understood specifically for Gothic cathedrals.Soaring open rooms

, directed arcs, ribbed rising, flying buttresses, as well as tarnished glass home windows are particular of

transept The

cross-shaped layout of a church is developed by the mixed forms of the nave as well as the