One in this computer animated kids"s collection, based upon a collection of publications by Marc Brown, concerning Arthur Timothy Read, an eight-year-old aardvark that typically handles health-related as well as social concerns that influence children. Initially, in "Arthur"s Poultry Pox," Arthur fights poultry pox. On a regular Monday early morning in the Read residence, Arthur wants he stayed in a quieter area prior to picking up from his sis D.W. that the circus is involving community in 6 days. Nonetheless, Arthur has actually been really feeling a little amusing, as well as, after visualizing concerning blue elephants, the institution registered nurse sends him residence for bed remainder. Getting up the following early morning, Arthur sees that he has actually created some "polka dots" on his body-- hen pox. Much to Arthur"s discouragement, D.W. attempts to look after him. Later on, Arthur"s Grandmother Thora gets here to deal with her grand son through oatmeal-in-the-bathtub, "no scraping," and also crazy-straw solutions. D.W., at the same time, is disturbed to see all the enjoyable therapy that Arthur obtains. Later on, D.W. shows up to obtain her very own instance of pox. However when the places clean off in the bath tub, it appears that she has actually been devising. Lastly, D.W. does create her "extremely own" hen pox, much to her joy, also if it suggests missing out on the circus. Next off, in "A Word From United States Children," youngsters review what it"s like to be ill. Then, in "Ill as a Pet," Arthur maintains feeding his animal canine Friend from his very own plate, much to Arthur"s mom"s discouragement. When Buddy starts making a sound like a "automobile horn undersea," Arthur"s household needs to take the pet to the veterinarian. The veterinarian identifies that Friend will certainly need to remain at the pet health center over night for therapy. After much worry, Arthur finds out that Chum got ill because of consuming way too much human food: pancakes, sweet, as well as wieners with mustard. Having actually implicated D.W. of lagging Chum"s ailment, Arthur says sorry to his sibling, right prior to she attempts to reveal Chum her brand-new canine self-control program. This program consists of 3 show-sponsored commercials.Cataloging of this program was enabled by the Company for Public Broadcasting.


NETWORK: PBS DAY: January 20, 1997 Monday 8:30 AM RUNNING TIME: 0:29:08 COLOR/B & W: Shade DIRECTORY ID: T:60850 CATEGORY: Computer animation; Kid'' s TOPIC HEADING: Computer animation; Kid ' s programs COLLECTION RUN: PBS - television collection, 1996- COMMERCIALS: TELEVISION - Commercials - Juicy Juice juice ^ TELEVISION - Commercials - Infant Space garments ^ TELEVISION - Commercials - Photograph electronic cameras


Micheline Charest ... Exec Manufacturer Carol Greenwald ... Exec Manufacturer Ronald A. Weinberg ... Manufacturer Cassandra Schafhausen ... Manufacturer Lesley Taylor ... Line Manufacturer Greg Bailey ... Supervisor Kathy Waugh ... Author Joe Fallon ... Author Marc Brown ... Co-Developed for tv by, Based upon the Arthur Experience Publications by, Adjusted for computer animation by Greg Bailey ... Adjusted for computer animation by Raymond C. Fabi ... Songs by Judy Henderson ... Motif Songs by De Villiers, Jerry, Jr. ... Style Songs by Michael Yarmush ... Cast, Voice, Arthur Michael Caloz ... Cast, Voice, D.W. Bruce Dinsmore ... Cast, Voice, Binky, Daddy Sonja Sphere ... Cast, Voice, Mama Danny Brochu ... Cast, Voice, Buster Jodie Resther ... Cast, Voice, Francine Melissa Altro ... Cast, Voice, Muffy Luke Reid ... Cast, Voice, Mind Arthur Holden ... Cast, Voice, Mr. Ratburn Tammy Kozlov ... Cast, Voice, Prunella Patricia Rodrigues ... Cast, Voice, Sue Ellen Walter Massey ... Cast, Voice, Mr. Haney Joanna Noyes ... Cast, Voice, Grandmother Thora A.J. Henderson ... Cast, Voice, Grandfather Dave/Ed Crosswire Bronwen Mantel ... Cast, Voice, Mrs. MacGrady Continue browsing the Collection ➾

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