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University of Company Management Dept. of EconomicsMicroeconomics Econ 110 Prof. Mohammed El-Sakka Test No. 6Name \ ------------------------------------------------------------- Univ. no. \ ------------------- Serial No. \ ----------------------- 1. Which of the complying with will not apply for an affordable company in long-run stability? A) P equates to AFC B) P equates to minimal ATC C) MC equates to minimal ATC D) P amounts to MC Solution: A 2 A totally affordable vendor is: A) both a "cost manufacturer" as well as a "rate taker." B) neither a "cost manufacturer" neither a "cost taker." C) a "cost taker." D) a "cost manufacturer." Response: C 3. Which of the adhering to is not a standard quality of pure competitors? A) substantial non-price competitors B) no obstacles to the entrance or exodus of companies C) a uniform or standard item D) a great deal of vendors and also customers Response: A 4. Cost is continuous or provided to the private company marketing in a simply open market since: A) the company"s need contour is downsloping. B) of item distinction enhanced by substantial marketing. C) each vendor provides a minimal portion of complete supply. D) there are no excellent alternative to its item. Solution: C 5. For a simply affordable vendor, rate amounts to: A) typical profits. B) minimal profits. C) complete profits split by result. D) every one of the above. Response: D 6. The limited earnings contour of a totally affordable company: A) exists listed below the company"s need contour. B) boosts at an enhancing price as outcome expands. C) is straight at the marketplace rate. Due to the fact that rate has to be minimized to offer even more result, d) is downsloping. Response: C 7. A flawlessly flexible need contour indicates that the company: A) needs to decrease cost to market even more outcome. B) can market as much outcome as it picks at the existing cost. When it offers an additional system, c) understands a boost in complete earnings which is much less than item cost. D) is marketing a set apart (heterogeneous) item. Response: B 8. The reality that a totally affordable company"s overall earnings contour is straight and also upsloping to the best suggests that: A) item cost boosts as result rises. B) item cost lowers as result boosts. C) item cost is continuous in any way degrees of result. D) limited profits decreases as even more result is generated. Solution: C1. An affordable company in the brief run can establish the profit-maximizing (or loss-minimizing) result by relating: A) rate and also typical complete expense. B) rate and also typical set price. C) minimal income and also minimal price D) cost as well as limited income. Solution: C 2. A company gets to a break-even factor (typical revenue setting) where: A) low earnings reduces the straight axis. B) minimal expense converges the typical variable price contour. C) complete profits equates to overall variable expense. D) overall earnings and also complete expense are equivalent. Response: D 3. In the brief run the private affordable company"s supply contour is that sector of the: A) typical variable price contour existing listed below the minimal price contour. B) low price contour existing over the typical variable expense contour. C) low income contour existing listed below the need contour. D) minimal price contour existing in between the ordinary overall expense and also typical variable expense contours. Solution: B 4. Intend you discover that the rate of your item is much less than minimal AVC. You must: A) lessen your losses by generating where P = MC. B) optimize your revenues by generating where P = MC. C) shut down because, by generating, your losses will certainly surpass your complete set expenses. Since overall earnings surpasses overall variable price, d) close down. Response: C Response the following inquiry(s) on the basis of the adhering to information challenging a company: Q 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8AVC 17 16 15 14 15 17 21 25MC 18 13 14 26 30 35 41 48ATC 117 66 48 40 36 30 33 395. Describe the above information. If the marketplace rate for the company"s item is $30, the affordable company will certainly create: A) 8 devices at a financial earnings of $16. B) 5 devices muddle-headed of $30. C) 8 devices muddle-headed equivalent to the company"s amount to dealt with price. D) 7 systems at a financial earnings of $41.50. Solution: B 6. Describe the above information. If the marketplace rate for the company"s item is $41, the affordable company will certainly: A) A) create 7 devices muddle-headed of $17.40. C) shut down in the brief run. B) B) create 7 devices at a revenue of $56. D) generate 6 systems muddle-headed of $23.80. Response: B 7. Describe the above information. If the marketplace cost for the company"s item is $12, the affordable company will certainly generate: A) A) 4 devices C) 8 devices B) B) 6 systems D) no systems Solution: D