In the unique Snake pit by American writer Dan Brown , the phrase Saligia describes the 7 lethal transgressions in Latin, specifically: superbia , avaritia , luxuria , invidia , gula , individual retirement account , and also acedia


This code was developed in the Center Ages by the Catholic Church to alert the faithful of the threat of the 7 dangerous transgressions.

Likewise called the resources vices or mortal sins, the 7 fatal wrongs are a category of vices that has actually been utilized considering that very early Christian times to advise as well as inform Christians concerning dropped humankind's propensity to wrong.

They are categorized as" dangerous not just since they make up significant ethical offenses, however additionally since they stimulate various other wrongs as well as more unethical behavior.

The Catholic Church splits transgression right into 2 classifications: venial transgressions , in which sense of guilt is reasonably small, as well as the a lot more extreme deadly sins According to the Church, a fatal transgression intimidates one with timeless damnation.

The 7 Fatal Transgressions

A listing of the 7 dangerous wrongs was developed by Pope Gregory the Great (540 ADVERTISEMENT-- 605 ADVERTISEMENT) as well as specified in the 13th century by the middle ages theologian Tommaso d'Aquino in his best-known job the Summa Theologica It was planned to be made use of as a training overview for theologians as well as a compendium of every one of the primary doctrinal mentors of the Catholic Church.

The 7 Lethal transgressions are:

luxuria (lechery/lust)gula (gluttony)avaritia (avarice/greed)acedia (sloth/discouragement)individual retirement account (rage)invidia (envy)superbia (satisfaction)

The Italian poet Dante Alighieri defines human life as an detailed woodland filled with lures as well as challenges to wrong.

At the start of The Divine Funny, Dante goes across the selva oscura (a dark woodland) and also comes across 3 wild monsters , personifications of the 7 lethal transgressions. The 3 monsters that horrify Dante are a leopard (Desire), a lion (Satisfaction), and also a wolf (Avarice), according to the meaning of middle ages fables.

The Modern Interpretations of the 7 Harmful Wrongs

Desire : an extreme need Desire can entail the extreme need for cash, food, power, sex, or popularity. In Dante's Snake pit, unforgiven lustful spirits are blown regarding in agitated hurricane-like winds symbolic of their very own absence of self-discipline to their lustful interests in earthly life.

Gluttony : eating excessive of something that could be appropriate in small amounts. Gluttony normally describes food , yet can additionally refer to product items This wrong can be taken narcissism; basically positioning one's very own passions over the wellness or rate of interests of others.

Greed : additionally referred to as avarice , the wrong of greed is a savage or too much need for and also search of product ownerships In Dante's Purgatory, penitents are bound and also lay face down on the ground for having actually focused way too much on earthly needs.

Sloth : describes spiritual passiveness and also plain idleness By the 17th century, this harmful wrong described was thought to be the failing to make use of one's presents and also abilities. Sloth has actually likewise been specified as stopping working to do one's task.

Rage : additionally called "craze", it might be referred to as excessive and also unrestrained sensations of disgust as well as temper that frequently cause physical violence Rage is the only wrong not always related to narcissism or self-involvement, although one can be wrathful for egocentric factors, such as envy (which is very closely pertaining to the wrong of envy).

Envy : a need for the property of others , consisting of both product products as well as individual qualities Dante specified this as "a need to deny various other males of theirs." In Dante's Purgatory, the jealous are penalized by having their eyes tailored closed with cable since they sinfully got a kick out of seeing others humbled.

Satisfaction : a sensation of supremacy and also a too much idea in one's very own capabilities. This is typically thought about the worst of the transgressions and also the resource of the others. According to Christian custom, satisfaction is the transgression of Lucifer, Adam, as well as Eve. Dante's specified it as "love of self perverted to disgust and also ridicule for one's neighbor."